параллакс фон

Very talented people ... and a Cat lived in a kingdom of Far Far Away.

Our goals:

- To create and collect all the new and interesting, not formatted, not censored, but certainly artistic in one place.

- An Internet portal, which is available around the world and to the persons with impeccable taste and mindset, in order to keep abreast of the most interesting.

- To create a strong new international community of people like Us - creative associations, to make friends, to cooperate with international, national, spiritual, recognized and non-recognized creative individuals and organizations TV, Movies, Radio, Media, Show, Art, Music, Entertainment.

- To create an Internet TV, Radio and media channel of the new generation.

- To create a new opportunity to unite entire cultural society of Latvia and the Baltic countries in one rugged project, in order to inspire our Internet viewers, listeners and film fans with the beauty of the talents; as well as to inform those in the loop and those who are interested in a fresh point of view of a creative organization that will keep up to date with all the most interesting in this beautiful life in a non-formatted, mad and famously way.

- To participate in social projects and programs, science and research. To assist in the development and creation of a new direction of TV and film industry.

- To create a new high-quality professional organization of TV, radio and cinema art.

We are ready to give a particle of our sun to those who has a lack of it, so that there was no doubt that the GOOD WILL WIN!
параллакс фон